Andrew Lee Martin

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY ANDREW born 4th May 1980.

A date stands out in every way

Everyone walking Wembley way.
A star was born at a time in Hull.
When half🎈 empty quiet and dull.
A rugby game played the day before
as the Robins win with a 10-5 score.

Proudest parents and a little bro too
He really lit up his big sis Boo.
To school he went in Estcourt Street
with a band of pals who we still meet.
Anthony ,Craig Phil ,Steve and Dave
who all enjoyed a few close shaves.

Sporting prowess did he perform
with any shaped ball he would roam.
His first team game at St Andrews boys
where Andy became the big noise.

David Lister school was the next to learn
that Andy really did only yearn,
a bat or ball or snooker cue
No interest in lessons only a few.
A caring, sharing brother and son
was only happy if he had won.

On leaving school in East Hull,
moving to a village, which appeared too dull.
Soon to make friends of either sex
Some real fun stories which just reflects,
the king of the banter ,joker ,jack the lad,
we have no reason to be sad.

To this day we hear tales of new ,
makes us proud, to know all you knew.
Loved ,laughed and shared some great times
You still have friends that really pine.
How can we be sad with such a son
So proud of all that you have done.



Mum ,Dad,Michelle,Reece and Harrison